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About Angelic Wrath
     Angelic Wrath is a small casual raiding guild. The charter of the guild is to try to make WOW as enjoyable for all.   
    We welcome all to join. "Common courtesy" rules are listed in  Guild's Rules/ Conduct section. 

    For those who interested in raiding, our normal raid times are Thurs and Friday starting at 10pm server. We normally raid about 5+ hours a week (2 hours on Thursday, and 3 hours on Friday), with the goal of completing raid content before the season ends, and perhaps dabble in a little heroics (or in WOD mythic raids). 

       We are currently looking to add a few more raiders for the upcoming WOD patch. Ideal candidates are people who are good raiders with mellow temperement and are committed to the guild. If interested feel free to contact either Destroyer/ Cherubim /Deâthbaby on this matter, or post a message in one of our forums. 
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Legion Raiding

by AngelicWrath55, 5 days ago

    We had some attempts at heroic dragon, although didn't make much progress. From looking again at the videos, I think we aren't dealing with the adds quick/fast enough, so hopefully fixing that we will have better attempts. Most group can kill the dragons within 8 mins, and in a couple of attempts we got to like 5mins + with 50%+ boss health. Basically DPS is a bit low ... or alternatively, it could be because we didn't handle the "plant-spawning-flower" properly. This flower (if nobody stands on them) spawns an add that has an aura of a 50% reduced damage, so basically if a few adds got out... and are not killed quickly, the raid DPS will tank.  In general, the adds here are higher priority, some needs to be "prevented", others "interrupted", but generally all needs to be killed ASAP.  

    This is one of those fights that get slightly easier with less melee, reason being if you remain 8 yard away from one another , the raid takes signficantly less aoe damage. Easier for range to spread apart 8 yards and still dps. The spread apart helps out with like 2 or 3 damage mechanics (poison pulse, some aoe damage tick + slow debuff ... shadow novas ...etc).      I am not sure the poison pulse hits melee, because if it does, then it basically "takes out the melee" from combaat, as that person needs to go stand by himself in a corner and wait for the poison pulse to drop .. otherwise he causes unnessary damage to the group.

    We also forgot to call out for AOE defensive abilities like smokebomb, esp as the stacks get higher and higher. Probably put a rogue in a group that has higher melee, so the smokebomb and cover more people.

    The heroic fights are starting to get brutal, so like my previous post, make sure you are farming herbs, for potions/flasks. On the FAQ, it did say that the new potions increase dps a lot on a boss.  If you got like 860+ gears, it's also time to start using  the "good enchants" ... even if it costs a lot more. Individually it will not seem as if it made any difference, but  if the whole raid does it, the accumulative-small-increases per individual will add up to something.


- Grass

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Legion Raiding

by AngelicWrath55, 11 days ago

    We are making good progress in our raiding. The raids seems to be a "notch" higher in difficulty. It does seem that for heroics, "most people" need to be sporting about 850ilvl gear, as the boss is preety punishing. Mats are preety expensive in Legion, and at this point in time, you have to farm the mats yourself. You probably should get the "harvester" shoulder enchant which you can buy probably with DreamWeavers vendor (needs some reputation). This will occasionally drop you some herbs... everytime you kill a mob. So in your daily questing, you will probably get a few bags of herbs, which can be used for flasks/potions and vantus  runes.  It will be months  before the guild bank provides free raiding flasks/pots ...  because everybody is still busy trying to get gear or quest to upgrade their artifact power and class halls to the max.

     In general, to progress in heroics, the general norm is north of 200k to get pass maybe 4-5 heroic bosses. On the other note, we haven't been using our usual buffs in the raids. Most people are not using the newer flasks, the double-potions, the augment runes AND the vantus rune, and most people are using low level enchants. I hope people are starting to get their second "gold trait" from their weapon by now. If not, you probably need to start farming artifact power.

     If you have some luck and get a legendary, it typically will give you a good boost. By the time we hit the 4th-5th heroic boss, I hope most of the raiders would have at least one legendary. The legendary drop has a "bad luck prevention roll", meaning your chances increases until you get one. Blue post indicate that the harder the content, the higher chances it will drop, so heroic -> raid -> world boss -> mythic+ caches/loot -> dailies loot > treasure boxes...etc ...etc .... 

     Vantus rune gives the raid a 1000 versatility buff, which is like a slight boss nerf. You can only use it on ONE particular raid boss per week. So this is a good item to use in progression.

     Summery. Good progress. Get harvester shoulder enchants to try to get free herbs, which can be used for flasks/pots/ vantus runes. We probably will be needing this soon. Do a little LFR to get augment runes. 

- Grass




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